fish and sweet potato chips

Our weekend dinners are always a treat since I get to spend it with Nol!  If we aren’t headed out … I always try to make an effort to whip something up.  This weekend it was oven baked fish!  And it came out better than expected.  I have two bag full of fillets in the freezer…so time to start using up some of the fish. I made breading out of croutons I still had left over, and added some parmesan cheese to the mix.  Dipped the fish into an egg wash and then coated them with the crumbs!oven baked fish

In the oven they went for about 18 minutes at 400 degrees  They came out crispy and golden, just the way I wanted them!  I served these up with some salad and tortillas — so we could make out own fish tacos if we wanted!

sweet potato

One of my favorite vegetables are sweet potatoes!  I could eat a boat load of them!  There’s nothing better.  What’s better than a warm, soft, yummy sweet potato?

sweet potato chips

I cut mine up into thin pieces, sprinkled cinnamon and salt and mixed in a little oil and baked those babies!

fresh berries

For dessert, which I’m saving for a nightly TV viewing snack I busted out a strawberries I got this weekend.  They seem to be on sale all over the place.

After washing them and drying them …
strawberry covered in white choc


Yupp, I dipped them in melted white chocolate!  YUM!

work and food roundup

I was dragging on my “Friday” at work.  This entire week I’ve felt out of it and was ready to be done with the week.  I needed an afternoon pick-me-up and decided to order a caramel mocha iced coffee from McDonald’s.  I ordered a small.
small mcds

This was what I got.  Definitely not a small, but I still chugged it down and boy was it good!  Probably a little too much sugar, but what the heck!  It was Friday!

Part of the reason I love my job is because of the people I get to meet.  New people  Never gets old.  A couple of weeks ago I was interviewing a lady for a story… she happened to own a bakery!  Even before we walked through the doors of her bakery was preparing us a box of goodies!  I insisted she did not have to send us back with anything.  But alas, it was one of those situations where if I denied this kind woman her wonderful gesture and box of goodies it would have been down right rude.  So I returned back to the newsroom with box in hand and enough sugar to keep us all going!


And, as if all that SUGAR wasn’t enough.  I decided to make cupcakes one weekend for the crew.  I tested out making cotton candy frosting!  Use a can of regular white frosting and mixed in cotton candy flavoring to turn it all blue and yummy.  Sprinkled blue sugar on top!  In case, you didn’t notice a theme here… I might have a little problem when it comes to the amount of sugar I consume at work.

Green with Curry

I really out did myself with this Green Curry.  I had vegetables on their way to their deathbed and decided to use them up in a curry.  Green Curry in the pot


This is about as easy as it gets to make.  I sauteed onions, lots and lots of zucchini, and shrimp in my cast iron skillet! (Putting those wedding gifts to good use!)  After browning those I added two tsps of Green Curry paste, it was the THAI KITCHEN brand.  That stuff is amazing and eliminates all the crazy ingredients I’d have to get if I made this stuff from scratch.

After stirring that in, I added a ton of spinach, green chili peppers,  and then threw in some cherry tomatoes, which Nol and I were not a fan of in this dish (I’m leaving cherry tomatoes out next time).  The final part was adding in a whole can of coconut milk!  The curry really came to life!  I think it was one of my best dishes I made in a really long time. It smelled good, it tasted perfect — right amount of spice and tangy-ness!  PERFECT i say!
Green curry

We consumed every last drop of this green curry goodness!  It was pretty close to what I’d order at a Thai restaurant and I was very pleased with myself!  


And I had to wash it down with a glass of Pinot Grigio.  What an awesome meal!

sushi kick

Thursday night, after Nol got home from work we decided to have date night at a place called Yoshi sushi.  Someone at work had mentioned it was the best sushi in town.  And it’s very near where we live.  So i thought why not give this a try.  I really should have thought this one through.  You see Thursday, Nol had a quick turn around at work.  Closing up the night before and having to go in early in the morning.  Poor thing was exhausted.  Date night turned more into, let’s eat and get out of here and take a nap.  I’ll have to consider these things next time I schedule a dinner date.  Maybe they are better suited for Friday evenings.

Anywho, the place inside was small and quaint. Run by a cute Japanese couple.  We took our seats made our selection and waited.  There was no wine at this place.  Which usually I dont mind.  But I totally would have ordered a glass if I had the option. I ordered a Rainbow roll, and Nol ordered something else. When our meal came, set on a wooden board I was surprised at how small the rolls were.  I was expecting a bit more.  So we finished up our dinner, and came home and needless to say I just felt unsatisfied food wise.  I ate a bunch of other stuff to fill up my tummy.

But on Friday, during the day, I decided to set out on a mission to truly satisfy my sushi craving, WINE and all.  So after working out, taking Walt for a walk, and running a few errands … I was off in search of some ready made sushi for the grocery store.  I know, it’s not the fanciest of things, but I didnt feel like ordering out from a restaurant all by myself.

sushi dragon rollI got a dragon roll from Hannahford… made a tossed salad with the Asian peanut dressing, and yes, poured my self a glass of pinot grigio!  It was divine.  I sat down and enjoyed every bite of it.

Jury duty

The other day I had to go down to the courthouse for jury duty (not fun).  Especially when you have to rush to work right after.  But that’s another conversation for another day.  I knew I’d be sitting around for a long while … so I decided to bring a book.  It’s one that Nol had recommended titled Hyperbole and Half , by Allie Brosh.  It’s a quirky book, with colorful pages, and lots of stick figure drawings.  So imagine my discomfort as I’m trying to read through this book, sandwiched in between two people, in a room full of people.  Maybe they were thinking … good for her, she’s trying to read — even if it is a picture book!

The book is pretty hilarious.  There are lots of sections that reminded me of Walter, and also shed light on my own weird quirkiness and push back of becoming and adult and having responsibilities.

While reading the hilarious chain of events that had occurred in the author’s life I stumbled upon one chapter where the author talks about a time in her life where she became utterly depressed… for no particular reason at all.  Just life bearing down.  I make this sound way more serious… but we’ve all been there.  That state of “what is the point of all of this?”  And then I came across this quote from the very last page of that chapter that struck a chord with me.


I think it sums up the unknown beautifully!


Nolan first bought a fitbit months ago.  At first, I made fun of how excited he was about this tiny gadget that displayed how nerdy he truly is.  It counts your steps, miles, sleep activity, and in general motivates you to reach certain health goals.  Pretty nifty and nerdy looking too.  He keeps his in his pocket.  After weeks of seeing him get excited about his, I ended up seeing a friend who had one while I was visiting down in the city.  She had the flex, which seemed pretty inconspicuous to wear around the wrist.  We chatted about hers for a while, and after hearing her rattle off exactly how many miles she had walked and what not, I immediately wanted one!

So when I got home I started shopping around for one!  A few days later, Nolan was kind enough to purchase one for me.  I was so excited to get it and tell everyone about it.  I now try to beat him in his steps.  It’s nice to see where I stack up against other people.  I feel bad if I dont reach 10,000 steps! fitbitI’ve also learned that when I’m at work my activity level drops dramatically.  Mostly, because more than half the day we are sitting around editing, logging sound, and putting together a story.  I’m sure there are days that are more active than others.  But it’s nice to know I can keep track of it all!

fitbit and pizzas = one happy girl

I’m done with making cauliflower crusts for a while.  They weren’t that easy to make, made kind of a mess, and didn’t taste enough like the real stuff.  It was fun to experiment with, but I’m going back to REAL doughy cheeseExhibit 1: Store bought dough.

This stuff came in a bag, already formed into a ball… I just let it rise and stretched it out.  Topped with sauce, onions, tomatoes, and lots and lots of cheese.  Oh yes, and I even threw in some shrimp on top!  Best pizza I’ve had in a while!  Will be making again VERY VERY SOON!Walt runsCouldn’t leave you all without a picture of my favorite pal!  We had a great time last week at the dog park.  The weather is taking a turn for the better and that means more time outside with this guy!  Let the fun begin.


P.S. I realize I did not get to my fitbit!  This post is to be continued . . .